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It’s A Zatoichi Subject

Ooh. Takeshi Kitano gots a beatdown by the looks of it.

#1 Strangers On A Train 7.8

#2 Kramer vs. Kramer 7

#3 After Hours 6.5

#4 Zatoichi 6.1

Still waiting on those scores for Abigail’s Party and Punch Drunk Love.

And let’s get those Four Word Film Reviews cooking. C’mon, they’re fun and shit.


Four Word Film Reviews: A Fond Look Back

Here’s our brief musings on Hoffman-Streep tyke tugfest Kramer vs. Kramer. Think of this as a springboard as you compose some pithicisms for the rest of the movies. Go on, do it!

Dustin Does Dandy Daddying
dad digs dumped brat
Divorce Eggy Bread Action
Mommy’s boy charms adman

A New Beginning

Five films already? Seems like only yesterday we were gawking at JoBeth Williams’ face furniture in a combination of befuddlement, awe, and let’s face it, sexually charged ardour. And that’s not just the fellas, eh? Anyway. Because I’m a bit slow, and I could not for the life of me work out how the hell to get back into the old blog I’m starting this one. So there.

And so to item one on the agenda, those all important scores. I got scores for the first three film clubs. So I’m going to need you to refresh my memory for Abigail’s Party, and those of you still working out how to assign a number value to subtly let me know that you thought Punch Drunk Love was, to quote James, “Punch Drunk Shit”, don’t be shy.