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Confederacy of Ponces

Alas, poor Kevin Willmott, film professor and friend of Spike Lee, your film Confederate States of America is now propping up the Film Club leaderboard, and as it’s a point adrift, probably will be for some time. I say that, it is my turn next, and I’ve yet to fully discount Caddyshack from the nominations.

Anyway, it was a little bit fun, a lot bit obvious, and needlessly reverential towards British broadcasting. Not something I’d thought I’d say, but there you go.

But on a lighter note, those all important outstanding scores are now in, so we can marvel over the findings of Film Club in their entirety. It also tells us we have yet to dip into the 90s or 60s yet, and there’s nothing pre-1951. Something to ponder.



Another round of Film Club, and this time a last minute change brought us Japanese Story. And clocking in with 6.9, it did rather well for a film funded by the Australian Lottery, something which personally filled me with dread. It wasn’t quite for me, but bouquets to Toni Collette who acted her face off, and a two-fingered salute to the intrusive sound design. I bet they pitched it as “Lost In Translation meets Crocodile Dundee without the laughs”. Anyway, enough of my moaning, get yer four-word film reviews in. I’ll go with: The Water Isn’t Lovely.