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With A Little Bit Of Goldblumin’ Luck

It may not look like it at first glance, but the seminal body-horror of The Fly echoes a lot of Film Club’s previous outings. Like Strangers On A Train, it features a cameo by the director; like Die Hard, a thoroughly unpleasantly bearded man gets a violent comeuppance and, like Kramer vs. Kramer, there was some dispute over what to do with the kid. Okay, that last one’s a bit of a reach. Anyway, despite some very gross bits, it was a firm favourite, earning it a very respectable 7.7, which places it securely at number 3. Hats off to Mr. Goldblum who, along with John Getz’s beard shouldered most of the acting responsibilities. In recognition of his fine work, I leave you with these choice morsels of Goldblumia:
1) His middle name is Lynn.
2) He’s in a jazz band with Peter Weller.
3) He speaks Hebrew, Spanish, and Finnish fluently but refuses to learn French because he “considers it to be too easy.”


Some Spike It Hot

Subtle as a sledgehammer with a racial epithet engraved on the side demolishing a swastika made-up of burning crosses, Film Club 10 welcomed its first “joint”, a very colourful but nevertheless black and white look at black and white: Do The Right Thing. And it got a barely sweltering, but very respectable 6.6. If Spike was here, he’d probably cuss out our honky asses for not “feeling it”. Just don’t tell him he’s trailing behind John McTiernan, for the love of God. He will fuck us up. Right up.

Live At The Top Of The Tower

And we have a new leaderboard champion. Sneaking past Hitchcock’s criss-crosstastic Strangers On A Train by the matter of a tenth of a point is our new vertiginous champ, 1988’s genre-defining Die Hard, with a Rickmanter Scale reading of 7.9*. The only worrying element of this of course, is if you were to pitch a movie that combined both elements of our top two movies, you’d have Under Siege 2, and that can’t be good. But this victory has its cost, two of Die Hard’s top supporting players are no longer with us, so this, I’m sure temporary, time at the top is dedicated to Paul “Barry Manilow’s Wardrobe” Gleason and Alexander “Maestro” Godunov.
Yippy-ky-ay guys, yippy-ky-ay.

*Can cause serious damage over large areas.