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Fischin’ For Compliments

We dipped our toes into the 90s and came up trumps. Sure, it’s a mixed metaphor, but there was very little in the way of a mixed reception for Wes Anderson’s wily reimagining of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I kid. Bill Murray was excellent as Peter Venkman, and Jason Coppola-Shire-Cage-Schwartzman played a blinder as an autistic Judd Nelson. Bouquets all round, and a cracking soundtrack to boot. Anyway, a whopping 8.1 tells Bruce Willis to roundly get fucked as he climbs down from atop the Nakatomi Building to a humble number 2. Hope you had fun there Brucie, ’cause I’m guessing he’s not going to get back there anytime soon, unless somebody nominates this cracker, or this overlooked gem. Again, I’m kidding. I should stop.


The McCarthy Witch-Hunt

Poor Andrew McCarthy. Dumped from the heady heights of a Film Club themed around him to the lowest scorer so far, all amidst cries of “gerbil-faced” and “creepy-mouthed”. Of course, this is no way to treat the most dignified of all male Brat Packers, and I’d like us to look at the paltry score of 4.6 much like we look at pictures of ourselves in 1993. Sure, green jeans do look weird, and the novelty of a double-sided lumberjack shirt doesn’t necessarily translate into sartorial wizardry, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. And that’s how we should view Pretty In Pink. So much a product of its time, that if you were to have watched it on New Year’s Eve 1986, by the final bong of midnight, you would have gone from being captivated to wetting yourself. But it’s not Andy’s fault. It really isn’t. And I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. Hopefully it’ll be Jon Cryer. His mugging made Mork & Mindy look like Battleship Potemkin. The tit.