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A Steak Sandwich And… A Steak Sandwich

One part mystery, one part comedy, ninety-eight parts Chevy Chase amusing himself, The Adventures of Irwin M. Fletcher aka “Fletch” scored a very respectable 6.9 giving it a solid midtable home. In all honesty, the whole point of Film Club was to trick as many people into watching Fletch as I could. So that’s it, job done. Film Club is over.
Just foolin’. In fact, as The Carpenters themselves might sing “we’ve only just begun.” Round three is now underway, and we have a Christmas special to look forward to as well. And to finish off, a Here’s Looking At You, Phyllis first: a little bit of video to enjoy. It’s a Fletch trailer remix, cut to make it seem like a stony-faced thriller of unfunniness, much like the creepy pumpkin-carving of the former Cornelius Crane Chase I found uptop.
One last thought, Mick Jagger was turned down for the role of Fletch. How might that’ve gone? The mind boggles, scrabbles and wordjumbles.