Three Colours: Brown

What a load of old bobbins Trois couleurs: Rouge was. A bit of a disappointment all round really. Maybe we would have been better off listening to randomly named Brit punkers 3 Colours Red instead.

We are at odds with the critical community on this one, so maybe these two links will illuminate matters a wee bit. Of course, it could be just that the film was a bit on the shit side.

The New York Times

The Film Journal (opening quote unwittingly nails the problem I reckon…)

Here’s how the votes broke down.

Campbell 3

Emma 4

James 4

Kate 4

Matt 3

Nat 5


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  Bright wrote @

For me, having seen Blue for the first time about two days earlier and having been blown away, I was expecting Brown to waltz into my all-time top 50, as apparently a real masterpiece etc etc. It didn’t. I just didn’t believe it, or in it. The old bloke/young lady/injured dog axis just struck me as plain daft and the exposition of it adn its “themes” as pretentious. And I like pretentious. Bitterly disappointing.

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