No Bubblegum

Film Club 2.0 returned with neither a bang nor a whimper in the capable hands of Robbie Redford in the surprisingly nihilistic “The Candidate”, helmed by Fletch’s own late Michael Ritchie. We kicked off with trailers for Deliverance, The Poseidon Adventure, The Last of the Red Hot Lovers and Blacula, which interrupted James’ newfound obsession with CelebAir.

The feature presentation was summed up neatly by Matt as “The Boris Johnson Story” as it details a blonde floppy haired neophyte getting in way over his head squaring up against an increasingly embittered incumbent. There were also echoes of Phyllis in the sunglasses-wearing skank, and a nod to Marvin and Nancy. Food was hot dogs with beaucoup de condiments, cactus and gherkins, Minstrels, premature mince pies, and microwave popcorn. Some red wine was also drunk, and at one point sieved by me. All in all, textbook Film Club. Welcome back.

Them scores:

Campbell 7

Emma 5

James 7

Kate 6

Matt 7

Nat 6

Giving us a solid 6.3


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  Kate wrote @

For me, the wine seiving was a real high point…

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