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Brown trousers & Gherkin lighters


I’ve only got myself to blame. My confusion over entertaiment and film quality led to a miscalculated vote of five and a quarter and now the only chance I had of lifting Deepstar Six from its suitably Marianas Trench depths has disappeared. You could call it risk addiction. But what a ride. Basic Instinct 2, The sequel nobody ever asked for was a rollicking, risible rollercoaster. The star? The increasingly improbable dialogue. So, before we go, here are some of the very best lines from a very bad, naughty film, which David Thewlis admitted this year “It was a piece of shit, wasn’t it?”. Here are some of the people who dodged a bullet by not getting involved.

“I want that cunt in jail!”

“When you think about fucking me, and I know you do, how do you picture it… doctor?”

“You know how some guys are into blondes, and some guys are into killers?”

“Even Oedipus didn’t see his mother coming.”

P.S. Don’t forget the “car chase”.