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Joy, Divided

Amidst a sea of exceptionally well-made gravy and some of the nicest banger-potato mash-ups I’ve had the pleasure of being on the right end of, the new incarnation of Film Club reached a new high by having full attendance all up in Wilson Mansions. The film, Control, meh, maybe not so good, opinion varied wildly as you can see below, but I’m with Matt on “Coronation Street does Joy Division”.

In ascending order:

James 4.5

Campbell 4.5

Matt 5

Lou 6.5

Kate 7

Nat 7

Emma 7.5

Making for an average of 6.


Only Jules and (W)Hor(e)ses

Well Film Club 50 is but a fading memory, but what japes were had. To recap:

A sighting of none other than Ian Ball, a spectre hanging over Film Club particularly in its Vauxhall/Stockwell heavy phase.

The smooth Howard Moon.

Take away espressos (I was awake all night in the end).

Crayfish in a martini glass. A girl’s starter if ever I saw one.


A disappointing film, particularly after a promising first 20 minutes that somehow made me actually angry. I thought it was going to be a seriousish inspiration to Je T’Aime John Wayne. What we got was milksops, mysogyny and moody mental Moreau. Boo, I say. Boo.

Anyway, I’ll spare you my vitriol and possible spoilers and get right on to them scores.

Campbell 4

Emma 5

James 7

Kate 6

Lou 5

Nat 5

That makes an average of 5.3

Our track record of French movies has definitely taken a dip after this and Trois couleurs: rouge. It’s time to wheel out the big guns if Truffaut can’t get us going.

Three Colours: Brown

What a load of old bobbins Trois couleurs: Rouge was. A bit of a disappointment all round really. Maybe we would have been better off listening to randomly named Brit punkers 3 Colours Red instead.

We are at odds with the critical community on this one, so maybe these two links will illuminate matters a wee bit. Of course, it could be just that the film was a bit on the shit side.

The New York Times

The Film Journal (opening quote unwittingly nails the problem I reckon…)

Here’s how the votes broke down.

Campbell 3

Emma 4

James 4

Kate 4

Matt 3

Nat 5

Back & Forth. Forever.

If a picture paints a thousand words then my favourite one here is “poop”. Kate and Matt, look what you missed. Film club merchandise available here. Shout out to The Sizzler. Keep your fingers crossed for Team Coleman tonight at BAFTA, if the Academy can finally pony up an Oscar for Marty, surely it’s our time to shine, shine like stars. Shine so bright, like the stars that we are. Aswad!