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Film Club #65 Oh oh oh, it’s Magic

“Only a Rolls man can drive a Rolls.”

We thought we’d like it, but not a lot, but even that was hoping for too much. You think you’d be able to shake something decent out of Tony Hopkins, William Goldman and Dickie Attenborough but, alas, no dice. Just one illogical scene after another, and this from a screenwriting guru of sorts.

The big sticking point was it seemed to be set in an alternate dimension where people loved, adored and were amazed by ventriloquism. I was half expecting it to have been written by Roger De Courcey. Tips of that hat to Burgess Meredith who went to town on a hilarious agent caricature and whoever Hopkins’ knitwear wrangler was. We have a new bottom film, Sean S. Cunningham can breathe easy again.

If you’re ever curious about seeing Magic, consider this knockout line of dialogue first:

“I’d like to say that goin’ to bed with you is maybe one of the best three things that ever happened to me. And I’d love some coffee. And I adore you. And I take it with cream and sugar. And your breasts belong in the Louvre, which is a museum in Paris that I plan on visiting with you once you get wise and decide to leave the old ear-blower.”

A film related treat to finish, different poster interpretations of Bresson films.