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Mr. Angry

Wherein, keeping a vague Hargreavesian notion going, I remind you all of the inventive vitriol Matt poured all over a competent mid-table showing from the American indie awardwinner Little Miss Sunshine.

“Bored my tits off.”

“Unfunny, and largely stupid.”

“From the start to the finish, I hated it.”

“It bugged the shit out of me.”

A brief reprieve for Steve Carell who was “moderately amusing”.

And then, right back into it with:

“It made me want to puke all over my socks.”

How the scores broke down:

Campbell 7 “It’s a hipster National Lampoon’s Vacation, right?”

Emma 8 “Nicest, charmingest film I’ve seen for a bit.”

Kate 7.5

Matt 4 “It’s just shit.”

Nat 7

Final score: 6.7